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The museum is very pleased to have once again taken a number of our exhibits to the Port of Dover's

White Cliffs Christmas event to help make it the success it has become since it's inception in 2016.

The museum is delighted to be able to provide items such as this coffin carrier for scene setting in the

Marlowe Theatre's production "Return of the Unknown Soldier" at the cruise terminal on the 8th - 11th November.

To book tickets go to -

October - Our Latest Arrival

Dating from around 1920 the Dog Cart is possibly an apprentice piece and is thought to have been made in Valls

a small town near Tarragona. Catalonia, Spain and is believed to be  entirely original.

Donated to the museum by Norman Penny who lives in Birchington and bought the Dog Cart at a Sotheby's auction in 1989

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